Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The first post on a blog is a bit intimidating, as it stands so prominently on the empty page. I plan to post frequently so it should be a short-lived problem. Bear with me. Soon, there will be a steady stream of posts here that I hope will capture your interest or assist you in research.

As this is the first post, an introduction seems in order. I live in mid-coast Maine with my husband and two children, and my "day career" has been in the technology field. Inspired by my grandmother at an early age, I have been researching family history on and off for twenty years. I've found it to be a perfect intersection of my interests in social history ("what was life like back then, in that time and place, for ordinary people?"), stories of people's lives, a love for (and tendency to collect) old stuff, and technology. I'm currently improving my genealogy skills by taking the National Genealogical Society's home study course.

Maine is a beautiful place to live and raise a family. It also has a unique, special character tied to its history and New England heritage. I hope to share that intriguing beauty and character through stories about Maine's past - places, people, families, and traditions. I will share resources for researching Maine history and genealogy, including interesting historical records, online and physical repositories, learning opportunities and events. Topics will also cover general genealogy tips, resources, and notes from my own experience as I research and learn.

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  1. Welcome to the Geneablogging Community.

  2. Having a few Maine Ancestors and a son whom says Maine is awesome I sure plan to read what you have to say.