Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Knox Hotel, Thomaston

I was in an antique shop in Union over the weekend when an old book on the counter caught my eye. It was an old guest register from the Knox Hotel in Thomaston, Maine, with entries starting in 1881. Unfortunately, someone along the line decided to use the book as a scrapbook, and pasted newspaper clippings over all of the pages except the first one. What a shame!

What was the Knox Hotel? 

Knox Hotel, postcard image
The building, situated along the main commercial street in Thomaston, was originally a three-story wooden structure built in 1828 and operated as a hotel and tavern under several different owners in the 1800s. There was a stable behind the hotel. The name Knox Hotel, or Knox House, remained remarkably consistent through the years. The hotel was expanded in 1892 to accommodate an increase in summer visitors to the area. A fire destroyed the hotel in 1915 (along with several other buildings), but it was immediately rebuilt and continued to operate until 1966. A decade later it was renovated and redeveloped into an apartment building and office space.  Today, after further renovation, this building continues as a historic landmark along Main Street, housing Camden National Bank as well as apartments.


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